Rum Cakes are a huge part of the Caribbean culture and enjoyed by most West Indians across the globe. Originated in Europe and brought to the West Indies where it was introduced as a fruit cake. It went from being a European favorite to being a Caribbean delicacy. In most of the Caribbean, fruit cake/rum cakes are a traditional holiday dessert and was only serve on special occasions. In places like Jamaica,Barbados,Trinidad and Tobago; to name a few.

Our "Jamaican Royale;" also known as "Fruit Cake" or "Rum Cake", is like the rum cakes you would find in Jamaica.This recipe has been in my family for 3 Generations and with each generation; it just gets better. The name "Jamaican Royale" represent the origin and delicate notes of the cake; which is usually peered with my special Royal Icing recipe.That makes this cake absolutely delicious!

Every year, when I make this cake; I would give it to family and friends. The ingredients are of the highest quality and the preparation is an intense labor of love, making this cake is a true delicacy and makes a great gift.