Our online Bakery specialize in making liquor desserts and exotic sweets. Our desserts are infused with a variety of rums and other delightfully intoxicating flavors. We believe in using top shelf liquor and quality ingredients in each of our products; including using only Organic ingredients. Our recipes capture the taste of the Caribbean; using Traditional and Modern Baking techniques. All of our products will be available online and only during the holiday season. We  believe in maintaining the highest quality and freshness.

The Founder Meisha Donaldson,‘Chef Don’, has been baking and cooking from an early age and was mentored about Jamaican cuisine by her mother. She was thought her mom's recipe for traditional Jamaican Fruit Cake. Which was handed down through the generations. Meisha grew up being influenced by spices and aged rums that are integrated in all her recipes. Which gives her baked delights, a taste of quality and  sophistication. A graduate of Johnson and Wales in Patisserie; an experience artisan cake creator and a participating chef at South Beach Wine & Food Festival. She continues to be inspired by memories of home and the taste of the Caribbean.

 “My Mother always believed that the best desserts were made with patience, love and lots of Rum.”  

 Artisan Cake Creator and Patisserie 
Chef Meisha Don