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Rum Crums

We specialize in making liquor desserts into everyday delights. Our desserts are infused with a variety of rums and other delightfully intoxicating flavors. Rum Crums creates a moist, sophisticated and intoxicating experience in every bite.


The founder Meisha Donaldson ‘Chef Don’, believes in using high quality, fresh ingredients into each product. Meisha grew up being influenced by fresh spices and aged rums that are integrated in all her recipes, which gives her baked delights a taste of quality and sophistication. She continues to be inspired by memories of home and the desserts that she enjoyed growing up.


Rum Crums shares that experience with all who orders; and people that want to experience quality and a fun modern way of enjoying desserts.


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Please eat responsibly!  
Alcohol consumption by minors is prohibited by law. Only individuals 21 and over are allowed to consume this product.  
Women who are pregnant/breast feeding should not consume alcohol, as it may cause birth defects and complications
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